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AWESOME work Cassi!! I am so incredibly proud of you!! Shaun T would be proud too!


Loved this post and what an awesome run, congrats!! Under 2 hours is still a distant dream for me but I know, one day, it will be a reality. I think it's a great idea for us to plan a race together, but give me a little while to bring my time down so I can keep up with you! ;-)


I'm proud of you Cass. No surprise there.


Way to go Cassi!!!!!

Kirsten Davidson

Those are beautiful numbers Cassi. You should be so proud of yourself!


Hooray! So happy for you, Cass.



That is so fabulous! I have loved learning that I am capable for so much more than I would have guessed. I love what you said about doing hard things. I actually made us a piece of art for our family room that says just that: "we can do hard things"...sometimes we need the reminder!

So, now you need a new goal!


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