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These are awesome examples of the beauty of succulents. Thanks, Cassi!

Btw, did you know there are other types of plants (such as african violets, streptocarpus, and some of the other more exotic houseplants) that store water? Spider plants store water in thick, finger-like roots; ZZ plants* store water in their stems; and there are many more. I have a small collection of these kinds of plants that survived nearly a month without water in a dark garage after an especially traumatic move . . . and if they can survive that, I don't think you could kill them. lol

* Zamioculcas Zamiifolia -- They're really cool, sculptural, houseplants.


Any idea where one can find the container that the succulent 'favors' are in?! I LOVE this and would love to have it for my wedding. Any guidance is greatly appreciated!

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