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This is wonderful! We do home lunches too, and it DOES get old and boring. Especially with some picky ones in there who just can't seem to find anything to put in their lunch. Ugh. Now I am interested in this book. Will your kids eat chicken pesto? I love this idea!


I think I might need to go buy that book too. Thanks for the great idea.


Were all those recipes in the book? Abby is a broken record that she is sick of sandwiches. Time to join your club. Can you get it at Barnes and Noble? Or just Amazon. Also, where did you get that yummy looking bread!

Cassi Campbell

Lindsey, All of the recipes were in the book. I'm not sure about her other freezer meals. It seems like my mom had to tweak a few of them to make them work. I know you can buy the book online at Barnes and Noble - not sure about the store - I never go into a bookstore anymore because I'm too tempted. The bread is Grandma Sycamore's. We always got it in Utah, and now it is here. Hooray!

Cassi Campbell

Shelli, my kids love pesto - weird, huh? I don't know what it is . . . . I commented above, I'm not sure about the rest of the recipes in the book, but the lunch ones were great.


I love this! We haven't bought school lunches since 2000. Blech.
My kids are pretty good about PB&J but they love when I throw in leftovers from dinner every once in a while. I am going to find this book and try to spice things up a bit. Thanks, Cass! (&Julie!)


She also has a website...freezedinner.com, with some of the recipes from the book. I am going to try them!! Thanks!

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